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  1. questionHow do I use Conscious Investor to determine when to sell?
    The foundation of Conscious Investor is to search for companies with all the signs of an investment that we would anticipate holding for a long time, perhaps even for the rest of our lives. Even though this is our intention, sometimes there are financially sound reasons to consider selling. The ...
  2. questionI am no longer getting emails from you.
    If you have stopped receiving emails from us, it is likely that your account is equipped with a spam filter that blocks e-mail from "pop servers." This is often the case with AOL, Earthlink, MSN, and Hotmail accounts. Please contact us at and we will let you know ...
  3. questionWhat is a conscious investor?
    On one level any one uses the software Conscious Investor could be called a conscious investor. On another level the idea of a conscious investor is based on the concept of investors becoming aware of, or conscious of, what they are investing in. The term “conscious investor” was co ...