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Does Warren Buffett use a computer?

Not only does Warren Buffett not use a computer for his investing, he does not even use a calculator. In the mid 1980s when he was asked about calculators, he replied, "I never owned one and wouldn't know how to use one if I did." (See Chapter 86 of the book by Andrew Kilpatrick, Of Permanent Value.)

So how does he do his calculations? Believe it or not, it seems that he has learned the compound interest tables by heart. Further, it appears that he has memorized various high-speed mental arithmetic algorithms.

When it comes to facts and figures about companies, he has a phenomenal memory. He personally buys a small parcel of 100 shares in companies that interest him and all of their competitors. He does this to make sure he gets all its annual and quarterly reports. These are kept in 100s of file drawers in the Omaha office Berkshire Hathaway.

He says that he skims a lot but reads "every single word from cover to cover" those that interest him. Many have reported that he seems to remember all that he has read.

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30th of June, 2008

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